Personal Injury Defense for Car Accidents

All Americans, at least at one point in their lives, will be involved in a car accident. Sometimes, you'll end up being the victim of a drunk, speeding or negligent driver. In some cases however, you may find yourself being blamed for having caused the crash.

There are three possible scenarios if you do get blamed as the cause of the crash: the first is when the blame can be justified and you're really guilty; the second is when the accidents really isn't your fault; and third is you may have been responsible but so was the other party.

Regardless of what your liability is, Personal Injury Defense Attorneys especially those who specialize in car accidents could certainly help you get out of that legal dilemma. These lawyers will be equipped with the knowledge and expertise of laws, legal defenses, and fair settlements so you won't have to spend either a day in jail or a dollar more than what is necessary.

Here are some of the benefits of having a personal injury defense attorney, depending on your situation:

If you are at fault for the car accident

If you caused an accident which resulted to injury or property damage to another party, you can be held criminally and civilly liable for it. Your liability can get mitigated or even squashed if you have a good defense attorney on your side. For example, if you were driving under the influence, you may still get any potential jail sentence lowered or even just get sentenced to a year-long probation if your attorney can negotiate for you to plead guilty to a lesser offense. Likewise, in terms of civil liability, your lawyer can negotiate or offer a settlement instead of proceeding to trial. He can make a deal for compensation with the injured party that is just and reasonable not just to the victim but to you as well.

If you had no fault at all in the accident

There are moments when other people are quick to blame for accidents they themselves caused and you may find yourself at the end of that pointing finger. Don't just be complacent about the fact that you are innocent will automatically absolve you on any wrong-doing, you also have to be proactive in your defense. Having an attorney will ensure that you will not be held liable for the accident and he will gather pertinent evidence and witnesses and build a solid defense that will disprove and defeat any personal injury claims filed against you.

If you were partially at fault

Supposing that you were at fault for having caused the accident but that the other party is also to blame for having aggravated the injury or the damage, does it mean that both wrongs would cancel each other out? Unfortunately, unless you set up a defense yourself, you will likely incur all the liability in a crash that you may be just partially at fault for. Personal Injury Defense Attorneys are well-versed in car accident defenses like Contributory and Comparative Negligence so they will be able to establish that you don't have to shoulder 100 percent of the damages but merely in proportion to your own fault.

Unless you're a legal expert yourself, you shouldn't handle personal injury claims on your own, especially if you're the defendant. Your liberty and financial assets are at stake especially if you get convicted. Having a personal injury defense attorney at your side will help ensure that your money and freedom are protected.

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