Missouri's New Dog Bite Law and How It Affects You

No one expects to get bitten or attacked by a dog. However, thousands of people every year are the victims of a Missouri dog bite. The following will explain how Missouri's new dog bite laws affect your rights as the victim of a Missouri dog attack, and how the new law helps victims recover for their injuries and damages.

What Do I Do If I Am Attacked By A Dog?

The first thing you should do is seek immediate medical attention, by calling an ambulance and/or going immediately to an emergency room. While you might not think that your injuries are severe, the wounds from dog bite become easily infected, which can lead to more serious injuries and illnesses. It is best to leave your health and well-being to trained, medical personnel, whether that be EMS, ambulance personnel, emergency room doctors, or even your personal physician.

It is also important to call police immediately after a Missouri dog attack. The police will document the incident and identify the victim, the dog, the dog's owner and/or possessor and any witnesses. They police might also take statements from these individuals. In addition, the police will likely contact animal control to confirm the dog is current on its shots and immunizations, specifically rabies. They will also find out whether or not the dog responsible for the attack has attacked people or other animals in the past.

An important reason for the medical treatment is to document proof of your injuries. The police report is to document legal proof that the Missouri dog attack occurred. It is very difficult to prove your Missouri dog bite claim, without proper documentation.

Who Is Responsible For The Dog Bite?

Missouri law states that the owner or possessor of a dog is strictly liable to the victim of an unprovoked Missouri dog bite. This is the case whether the attack occurred on your property, public property, or the dog owner's property.

Missouri dog bite law used to be that the owners or possessors of a dog got a ‘free bite.' The owner of a dog who bit someone would only be liable if they knew or should have known that their dog had ‘vicious propensities.' In other words, the owner would be liable only if the victim could prove that the dog attacked or bit another animal or person before. If it was the first time a dog bit someone, the owner would not be liable, because the dog did not have ‘vicious propensities' in the past.

Luckily, the Missouri legislature has amended the law to help the victims and families of Missouri dog attacks, by making the owners of their dogs strictly liable for the actions of their animals.

Do You Need A Dog Bite Lawyer?

You do not need a Missouri dog bite lawyer to pursue a claim against an owner of a dog that has attacked you. However, it is important to have someone on your side to protect your interests and maximize the recovery for your injuries. It is highly advised that you retain an experienced dog bite lawyer. Typically, you will be dealing with the insurance company who issued the homeowner's policy to the dog's owner. Usually this policy covers the owners of dogs involved in Missouri dog bites, no matter where the attack occurs. Dealing with the insurance company can be a difficult and confusing situation. It is best that you retain an experienced dog attack lawyer to protect you and your family.

The Missouri dog bite lawyers at Page Law are aggressive and they have a many years of experience handling dog bite claims all over Missouri and Illinois. For more information , visit injuredclient.com, call to speak with an attorney at (314)322-8515, 241-4555, or email Chad deRoode at [email protected] The initial consultation is free and there is never a fee unless you obtain a recovery for your injuries and damages. Contact us today for a free consultation of your Missouri dog bite claim.

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