Dangers in Water Parks, Claims and Legal Remedies

A quick trip to the water park is always ideal especially when temperatures are soaring. California's warm weather in particular, makes it an ideal location for some of the nation's best water parks like the Raging Waters, Hurricane Harbor, Soak City, WaterWorld and Wild Rivers Waterpark. But water park trips are not all fun and frolic under the sun, in fact, for many families, it became an unexpected disaster.

Water parks are essentially a playground with lots of water but there are many hidden dangers which can cause harm and injury to adults but especially to children. In the United States, drowning is the second leading cause of death for children aged 1 to 14 of all injury-related deaths. But drowning in a pool isn't the only accident that can happen to water park guests.

Safety and Injury Issues in Water Parks

There are a lot of safety issues that may be overlooked in a water park, parents may leave their children unattended for a few minutes thinking it wouldn't hurt, some people could get rough and rowdy and the floor tiles could be wet and slippery, some water rides may be poorly maintained and some pool drains can be defective or dangerous.

Unattended children are most often the victim of drowning accidents. People who get rough and rowdy while swimming could suffer various minor injuries. Slippery floor tiles can cause slip and fall accidents. Poorly maintained rides because of negligence can likewise cause massive damage to riders.

Serious Injury or Death Could Result from These Dangers

Defective or poorly designed drain covers can also lead to serious injury. Abigail Taylor, a 6 year old girl from Minnesota was severely injured when she sat on a pool drain and its powerful suction ripped out part of her intestinal tract through her rectum along with her pancreas and liver.

All of these accidents can lead to water park injuries or at the worst case scenario, death. Little Abigail died nine months later and her family since then has instituted a case against the pool manufacturer and the Minneapolis Golf Club.

Lawsuit Stemming from Water Park Injury

Just like the family of Abigail Taylor, water park injury victims may file a case against liable parties such as the water park owner or operator so long as the following elements are present:

  1. The owner of the water park or the manager and operator has a duty of care towards guests and visitors
  2. The owner or the operator has neglected such duty
  3. Such negligence has been the cause of an accident
  4. The accident has been the proximate cause of injury

A trip to the water park is meant for recreation and leisure, an accident because of the water park owner or manager's negligence can potentially affect a number of lives, not just your own as the victim, but your family's as well. Other water park guests may also suffer the same injury if these wrongs are not addressed nor the negligence corrected. There are hidden dangers in any place, but a water park, where family and children flock to, should at least be safe enough for a day of fun under the sun.

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