Injury Insurance Claims: When to Get Legal Help

If you are facing a personal injury insurance claim, when to get legal help may be a question foremost at your mind. Most insurance companies will usually settle personal injury claims in the least possible amount of time in order to save on costs and will try to settle for the least amount of money possible.. As much as they can, they try to shield themselves from litigation since it can increase costs exponentially. 

Personal Injury Insurance Claim: When to Get Legal Help

After you have encountered an accident, your initial response is probably be to hire a lawyer. Keep in mind though, that not all cases will need an attorney and you shouldn't rush into hiring one without first understanding the case you are in. For instance, if it’s just a minor accident, say a fender bender that caused you no injury, you just need to settle the property damage case and simply move on with your life. 

If you have sustained injuries and property damages, the insurance company of the individual at fault should get in touch with you in order to reach some sort of claim settlement either after a certain period of time or immediately right after the accident.  

Of course, there will be instances when hiring a lawyer would be the most logical thing to do. If there is an ongoing argument or heated discussion especially when both parties are blaming each other for the accident, it is recommended to at least consult with a lawyer. If you have incurred a serious injury from the accident, this should be a green light for seeking the services of personal injury lawyer. Bear in mind that the effects and gravity of an injury may manifest after a few days so be sure to have follow-up examinations with your physician to determine the extent of an injury.  

Do not allow insurance companies to press the case and to instantly offer you a settlement without you first exploring all the case facts. The law may vary per state but typically, you should have at least one or more years from the date of accident, in order to file a lawsuit or to have a claim settlement.  

Another scenario that will require an attorney is when the accident involves an underinsured or uninsured person. Uninsured individuals will usually be unwilling to pay. An attorney should direct you on how to proceed and he or she will know policy lingo and insurance law. 

If you sense that the insurance company is not being as transparent as they should be, seek legal counsel and send a demand letter addressed to the insurance company. Your attorney should assist you in drafting one especially when it comes to mentioning legal terms and processes. They are after all, experts in their profession. The demand letter should contain all the case facts, medical data, liabilities, your expenses, and other important elements that should be considered. Just like any demand letter, be sure to include your feelings and demands.

Getting Help

Before making your personal injury insurance claim, when to get legal help is only one question. Once you decide to get legal help, you need to find a qualified lawyer to assist you. Find a personal injury attorney and check references and verdicts from past cases to ensure the lawyer will provide you with the best representation possible.

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