How long will an insurance company take to respond to my personal injury demand letter?

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How long will an insurance company take to respond to my personal injury demand letter?


There is no firm rule, but a 30-day window is usually the norm for an insurance carrier to respond to an injury claim demand letter, give or take a week.

If it seems to be taking an unreasonable amount of time for the insurance carrier to respond to your demand letter, it may have more to do with the adjuster's workload than with the legitimacy of your claim. But there could also be a number of strategy-related reasons behind the delay. 

Your settlement demand figure was too high. In a demand letter, you want to make your strongest case for settlement, and that strategy typically includes asking for more compensation than you would ultimately agree to accept. But it could be that your demand came in too high, and the insurer isn't comfortable with the “middle ground” prospects of settlement -- you start with a $20,000 demand, they respond with an offer of $10,000, and you agree on $15,000. Learn more: How Much Should You Ask for in a Demand Letter?

The other side's liability may not be as clear as you think it is. Remember that, in forming a settlement strategy, the insurance carrier is keeping an eye on what might happen in court. If fault for the underlying accident is up in the air (perhaps you and the other party each bear some degree of blame), then the adjuster knows that a jury isn't just going to heap a huge reward on you if the case goes to trial. On the other hand, maybe you just didn't make a strong enough case for exactly why the other side is at fault. Get tips on Discussing Liability in a Demand Letter

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